Ninja Adjustable Wand

Ninja Adjustable Wand

The 2012 NinjaAdjustable wand is here! Following a very good year in 2011, our brief was simple, how to take a successful concept to the next level. We believe we have achieved this with a complete re design and reengineering of all of the components.


With a full season of R&D with Chris Rashley and over 100 hours of testing in all sorts of conditions, we believe we have created something special that is not only solid but also scores top marks with it’s aesthetics. No Ninja should be without one!


Fully complimenting the Ninja, all parts are fully interchangeable which makes upgrading very easy.


The Ninja adjustable wand has been designed with simplicity in mind so fitting time is kept to a minimum which means you can enjoy maximum time on the water.


Championship titles for 2011


European Champion 2011

UK National Champion 2011

7 of the top 10 UK nationals

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